Best Noodle Dish Ever: Anthony's Special Noodles from Chin-Chin

I was telling The Missus a few weeks back about this noodle dish at Chin-Chin, a small Fusion-Chinese chain here in LA. The name of the dish is "Anthony's Special Noodles". We don't have a Chin-Chin anywhere nearby, but when I lived near one, I ordered it often, like every week sometimes. Lo-mein noodles, in a slightly sweet, spicy cilantro sauce with chicken concoction that absolutely rocked my world very single time I ate it.

There is absolutely NOTHING authentic at all about this dish, but it's addictive as crack, and then some. It's clearly the magical blend of ingredient ratios in the spicy cilantro sauce that makes this dish.

Here's a link to Chin-Chin's site:

In the hopes I might be able to at least find a copycat recipe, a targeted google search led to THIS.

In reading through the recipe that is linked to the above blog, it sure sounded like the real deal, so yesterday, we decided to give it a try.It wasn't terribly difficult, just a fair bit of prep work. Here's how it looked when we served it up:

It was absolutely delicious, and so close to the original that I could barely tell the difference! My hat goes off to the folks at Forked Online for putting this together.

A few observations:

They don't tell you how many servings this is for, but 4 seems about right. Also, 4 tsp chili paste is WAY too much, and made the dish a bit spicier(and I love spicy) than I would have liked. This dish shines with just a bit of heat.
Lastly, next time I make it I may add just a bit of honey or hoisin sauce to sweeten it up, just a bit.